Since 2008, The United States has been a crazy place and not so safe for guns and their owners. Politicians fixated on the removal of guns from the hands of law abiding citizens and laser focus on removing something so critical to the fabric of our history. Fast forward a few years… Newtown, CT. Children were senselessly gunned down by a clearly unstable individual and the threat to remove firearms from citizens once again became paramount. During that time, gun stores started popping up left and right. They were not there to support the heritage of gun ownership in America, but to do one primary thing… make a profit. This is where Briarhawk Firearms & Ammunition began. We decided to open because the concept of punishing people with the same vision we have with exorbitant prices was foreign to us. Our mission is to be able to provide great customer service and affordable pricing, even during crisis.

We are a family owned business and our customers are our extended family and we will never treat our family poorly.

Thank you,

Briarhawk Firearms & Ammunition

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